Large Remote Response Kit

MSF staff in surgical masks disinfect the finger of a person wearing a surgical mask.

Large Remote Response Kit

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The effects of climate change are escalating. Some regions, like South Asia and the Pacific region, the Middle East, the Sahelian Belt, Southern Africa and Central America, are more vulnerable than others. Floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and slides can devastate regions, leaving some communities with less access to emergency medical care. In the first 72 hours, emergency support for those affected is our biggest priority, and accessing hard-to-reach communities can be a challenge.

This kit contains lifesaving medical supplies that are vital for our teams to quickly and effectively provide emergency care for these communities. Access to medical supplies, manual resuscitators and other support items are invaluable to MSF teams responding to medical emergencies.

Contents of Large Kit: $315

  • Surgeon’s Toolkit
  • Manual Resuscitator
  • Tent and Blankets
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Stretcher

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