Give the Life Care Kit

Give life.
The Life Care Kit brings medical care to families and communities in need, with tools to support medical interventions for people who have nowhere else to turn.

Purchase entire collection for $80

A hand wearing a medical glove puts a syringe into a vial.

Sterile Syringes


Vital to MSF’s work in disease prevention, MSF teams use millions of these single-use sterile syringes every year.
A medical staff passes a newborn baby to their mother.

Safe Delivery Kit


Packed with forceps, scissors, gauze and sterilizing tools, this kit has everything needed to deliver babies safely into their mother’s arms.
An open cardboard box filled with red and white packets of therapeutic food.

Therapeutic Food


Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food is packed with the essential vitamins, minerals, fat and protein to regain a healthy body weight.